Call for Abstracts

The Scientific Committee of the 16th World Congress on IVF invites you to participate in the scientific program through the submission of abstracts to be considered for presentation.
Abstract submission deadline extended to Monday, July 18, 2011

We are happy to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission has been postponed until July 18, 2011.

General Policies

  • Abstracts submitted must contain original work that has not been published or submitted for presentation at any national or international meeting prior to the 16th World Congress on IVF.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Abstracts will be considered for oral presentation, unless authors specify "Poster Only" on the submission form. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation.
  • Notifications regarding acceptance/rejection will be emailed to the authors from early July, 2011.
  • Authors presenting abstracts must be registered participants. Presenters that fail to complete their registration by July 31, 2011 will not be included in the Congress Final Program and Book of Abstracts.
  • There will be a limit of two abstracts per presenter.
  • All decisions by the Scientific Committee are final. Dates and times of presentations cannot be changed.
  • Only abstracts submitted via the website will be accepted; abstracts submitted by fax, post or email will be ignored.
  • Invited speakers are also required to submit their abstract, brief biography and portrait photo through the following Abstract Submission Page.

Abstract Submission

Please note that authors will receive an email confirmation once the submission process is completed. If you do not receive confirmation, your submission may not have been received and you are advised to contact the organizer.
Upon submission of your abstract, you will be issued an "Abstract Submission Number", which is required to view, edit, or delete your submitted abstract. This number is different from the "Registration Number" for conference participation.

To view, edit, or delete your submitted abstract, please click the button below. ("Abstract Submission Number" and "Password" for the abstract will be required to log in the page.)

Abstract Categories

The online form requires authors to select one category from the Abstract Categories List. If selected for presentation, the abstract will be presented in a session within the indicated category.
1. Andrology - Basic Research
2. Andrology - Clinical Diagnosis
3. Andrology - Laboratory
4. ART - Basic research
5. ART - Indications
6. ART - Prognostic factors
7. ART - Ovarian stimulation with GnRH agonists
8. ART - Ovarian stimulation with GnRH antagonists
9. ART - Intrauterine insemination
10. ART - IVF vs. ICSI
11. ART - Gamete manipulation
12. ART - Implantation
13. ART - Laboratory
14. ART - Outcome
15. ART - Cryopreservation
16. ART - Fertility Preservation ? Female
17. ART - Fertility Preservation - Male
18. ART - Pregnancy
19. ART - Safety and complications
20. ART - Cancer, HIV Patients
21. ART - Gamete and embryo donation
22. ART - Children follow-up
23. ART - Reproductive and therapeutic cloning
24. ART - Imaging techniques
25. ART - Reproductive aging and infertility
26. ART - Evidence based medicine
27. ART - Reproductive surgery
28. ART - Ethics, law and global perspective
29. ART - Future directions
30. ART - Early pregnancy failure and treatment options
31. Clinical Sub-Fertility - Male & Female
32. Clinical Sub-Fertility - Treatment
33. Embryology - Basic research
34. Embryology - Lab quality
35. Embryology - Embryo development
36. Embryology - Fertilization
37. Embryology - Embryo selection
38. Genetics 39. IVM - Basic Research
40. IVM - Clinical Diagnosis & Management
41. IVM - Laboratory
42. Oogenesis & Spermatogenesis
43. Meta Analyses
44. Nursing
45. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
46. Psychology & Counseling
47. Quality control & management

Abstract Content & Format

  1. Abstracts must describe the research performed. Only abstracts with the following headings can be considered. Failure to follow this format will disqualify the abstract.
    Material & Methods
    (should be informative and short, stating why the study was conducted)
    (indicating the locale, number and type of human subjects, non-human species
    or material being studied, the principal procedures, assays, test or treatments performed)
    Results (confirming or refuting the hypothesis, supported by statistics if appropriate);
    Conclusions (stating the major new findings of the study and specifying what these findings
    add to what is known already).
  2. The use of graphs, tables and images is strongly discouraged.
  3. Do not identify individuals in the title or abstract body.
  4. Invited speakers are required to submit your brief biography and portrait photo on the abstract submission system.
  5. Please note that there is limit on the number of institutions, co-authors, abstract title, abstract body and brief biography as follows:

    Institution: up to 6
    Co-authors: up to 6
    Abstract title: up to 200 characters
    Abstract body (for Oral/Poster presentation): up to 2,500 characters
    Abstract body (for invited speakers): up to 3,500 characters
    Brief biography (Invited speakers only): up to 1,000 characters

  6. Acceptable file format for the image is JPEG (.jpg) and GIF (.gif).

Oral & Poster Presentation

Abstracts will be considered for oral presentation, unless authors specify "Poster Only" on the submission form. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation.

a. Oral presentations will be 10 minutes in length followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Only PowerPoint will be supported.
b. Surface areas of the poster boards are 180 cm high x 90 cm wide.

Publication of the Proceedings

The proceedings containing the extended papers of the scientific presentations will be published in order to make the contents of the works presented at 16th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization accessible to a wider audience.

The proceedings will be sent to be indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index by Thomson Reuters, Philadelphia.

The Publisher Medimond - Monduzzi Editore International Proceedings Division will send detailed writing instructions to the authors accepted for presentation at the congress in June 2011.

For more information you can contact directly the publisher at or visit the website

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